CLASS INFORMATION                                                                          

Our schedules and registration run on a month to month basis. We ask that everyone sign up BEFORE the 1st of the month so we can get our classes staffed appropriately. Class size and availability is limited and classes are filled on a first come, first serve basis. The class registration fee must accompany the completed registration form to be considered registered. You cannot register for a class over the phone or via fax. You can register online (please click on “REGISTER HERE” link on the left side of the page), in our office, or  you can print and mail/drop off your registration form and payment to the Flip Over Gymnastics office. Please click on the link below for your class schedules and registration form.

This is our Flip Over Gymnastics (Pit) Wing. This wing has in-ground block and resi pits, uneven bars, balance beams, regulation size spring floor, and  so much more. Our full schedule is listed below.


Pit Wing

This is our Marshall Mason Gymnastics Obstacle Wing. This wing has three trampolines, a double mini trampoline, rock wall, tumble track, 12 ft. monkey bar rig, and so much more.

Marshall Mason Obstacle Wing


September Class Information

Our regular monthly prices are based off of 4 weeks of instructional classes. Typically we have a holiday to offset the 5th week. We have also gotten feedback that parents like to keep their children on a schedule, and don’t particularly care to take a week off. With this being said, we will have to charge for that 5th week.

If your child comes to a Saturday class you will have an option between one of two things: You can pay for all 5 weeks so that your child stays on their schedule or you can opt to take a week off and pay the regular price. If you choose to take the 5th week off, YOU MUST REGISTER IN THE OFFICE. Online registration can’t give you the cheaper price. The prices are listed below that will include the 5th week. The prices will go back to normal the following month.

30 minute class =$44.00                                                                                                     (Gymini Crickets)

 45 minute class = $57.00                                                                                                     (Tumble Bears)

1 hour class = $69.00                                                                                                                 (Tiny Tumblers)

1hr and 15minutes = $88.00                                                                                      (Cartwheel Kids 1)