Open Gyms

Open Gym Information:

PARENTS OR LEGAL GUARDIANS MUST BE  the ones to fill our our safety waivers. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, sibling, etcGRANDPARENTS/ AUNTS/ UNCLES/ etc are not able to legally fill out our safety waiver.

Open gym is a time we offer the public to bring their children to come and play. You do not have to be actively in classes to participate in open gym. We have schedules for our main wing and our Marshall Mason gym. The price is $6 per child and $4 for each additional sibling. Please bring your child to the appropriate age group. We are flexible with these age groups as long as the safety of the participants is not at risk. Flip Over staff does have the right to ask you to attend another open gym if they feel it will make a safer environment for all participants. All participants MUST fill out a digital safety waiver in order to go into the gym.

Normal public open gym schedule is below and will remain the same for the summer.

Non-public open gym schedules are different from our normal open gym schedules.

In the summertime we offer open gyms for big groups. You must have at least 8 paid participants. Monthly/make-up passes are NOT accepted for non-public open gyms. If you are interested in booking, give us a call @ 304-264-4842 ext 22.


Monthly/Yearly Open Gym Passes: We have monthly passes that will give your access to unlimited open gyms in your child’s age group, exclusive open gyms are excluded.                                                                                                         

Monthly pass for our main wing = $40/ month and $30/ month per sibling.  Monthly pass for obstacle wing = $25/month and $20/month per sibling.          Monthly pass for both wings = $50/month and $40/ month per sibling

Yearly pass for our main wing = $300/ year and $270/ year per sibling.  Yearly pass for obstacle wing = $185/year and $150/year per sibling.          Yearly pass for both wings = $375/year and $345/ year per sibling

Open gym speed pass: This gives you the opportunity to bypass the check in line and go right into the gym. You can to pre-pay for 5 open gyms. It will have your child’s name, your name, and your waiver expiration date.