Martinsburg-Berkeley County Parks & Recreation Announces New War Memorial Park Playground

Martinsburg, WV (February 10th, 2023-The Martinsburg-Berkeley County Parks and Recreation (MBCPR) department is excited to announce that it is implementing one of its first improvements of 2023 with the addition of a new playground site at War Memorial Park.  

The Parks and Recreation board, staff, and Berkeley County leaders have been collaborating since 2021 to assess the mounting needs of the growing community. As the population continues to increase, the MBCPR is dedicated to upgrading the area parks and facilities for everyone in the city/county to enjoy. 

The War Memorial Park project has been a priority for the MBCPR, as they have been working diligently to collect funds to see the project to completion. Thanks to contributions from the City of Martinsburg, grant funds, the MBCPR board, and the Berkeley County Development Authority the budget has been filled with an estimated date of completion set for early April. Park visitors will see new climbers, slides, and sun-shades among the add-ons.

MBCPR Executive Director, Bob Williams is excited for the future of Parks and Recreation stating, “We seek to continue to build upon the great foundation and continue the legacy for our great and growing community.”

War Memorial Park improvements will be ongoing, any business or community member wishing to donate or sponsor future upgrades and enhancements should contact Bob Williams at 304-264-4842.

About MBCPR Master Plan-To see all the plans for MBCPR visit, MBCPR-1.3.2022_FINAL_19DEC2022_Single-Page-Layout.pdf (

Martinsburg-Berkeley County Parks & Recreation Announces New Pickleball Courts

Martinsburg, WV (February 6th, 2023 – The Martinsburg-Berkeley County Parks and Recreation (MBCPR) department is announcing the development of new pickleball courts at P.O. Faulkner Park in Martinsburg.

Providing a vast array of diverse programs and sports is a priority for MBCPR to serve the Berkeley County community. As the area’s population continues to increase, so does the interest in different sports. The development of these pickleball courts is a direct response to this expansion.

P.O. Faulkner Park will host four outdoor pickleball courts. Community members can expect the project to be completed by the Summer of 2023.

MBCPR is proud to address the growing needs of the local community. “We can’t wait to share this opportunity and new service,” says Bob Williams, Executive Director.

About MBCPR Master Plan

To see all the plans for MBCPR visit, MBCPR-1.3.2022_FINAL_19DEC2022_Single-Page-Layout.pdf (

A Letter from the Director – January 2023

Happy New Year Friends,

I hope that the start of your year is off to a good start.  The turn of the calendar often signifies new changes and new opportunities.  Those can be exciting, challenging, or maybe even scary.  I hope that you have the support and strength to tackle something new this year.  At MBCPR, we are no different, as we look forward to new opportunities that we want to bring to the community.

We are working on a few projects over the next couple of months that I hope you will get excited about as much as we are.  This includes new trails, a new playground, and a new park.  Let me share some details.

At Poor House Farm Park, the staff is currently working to establish about 2 miles of new nature trails.  These will get us into the newly added 70-acres that was purchased by the County last fall.  There will be a trail around the meadows on each side of the Tuscarora Creek.  In the future, we will have a bridge over the creek to connect the two sides.  We will be having a ribbon cutting once they are ready. 

At War Memorial Park, we have just received full funding and have ordered a new playground that will be installed this spring.  This will be a large-size playground that will have lots of climbing elements, slides, and other fun pieces.  It will be located along Tennessee Avenue near the Norwalk Pavilion.  Look for a banner at the location soon that will have a picture of the playground and a thank you to our sponsors. 

Also, this spring we will be breaking ground on a new park just west of the Spring Mills I-81 interchange.  The new park will have 2 pavilions, a playground, a walking trail, and restroom.  This project is currently out for bid, and we will have a ribbon cutting celebration once it is completed.

Each of these projects will have opportunities for volunteers and sponsors to enhance each of the sites.  This will include the purchasing and installation of benches, playground elements such as swings and a merry-go-round, and the planting of trees and other landscape material.  If you or your group is interested in volunteering or supporting a project, please contact us at the email or phone number listed at the bottom of this webpage. 

New years can be full of resolutions that we work on throughout the year.  We hope that one of your resolutions will be to visit a park or program in this coming year.  We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Bob Williams, CPRP

Executive Director