Wurzburg Dog Park

Wurzburg Dog Park

Wurzburg Dog Park is the first of its kind in Berkeley County. Ambrose Park hosts this beautiful and popular spot for many of our local and neighboring residents and their canine friends

Membership Registration

Please read the following below for registration information:Registrations are valid from January 1st to December 31st each year. There is no pro-rating for any registrations made throughout the year.

You will need to provide a copy of your dog(s) current vaccination record from your vet’s office (West Virginia requires rabies; Parvo and Bordetella are recommended) and a copy of the dog tag license number.
Once you have provided the forms, signed waiver, vaccine record and registration payment, you will be given your access to the dog park. We have a key FOB system. The registration cost is $15 per year for the first dog, $5 for each additional dog.
There is an additional one-time fee of $10 per key FOB (maximum of 2 per household).

Note: This fee is charged upon initial membership registration. You will not need a new key FOB each year you renew. There is a $10 per key FOB replacement fee should yours is lost or damaged. If you delay renewal and your key FOB is deactivated, please be aware there is a $5 per key FOB reactivation fee (this reactivation may take a few days to take effect so your entry into the park won’t be immediate.

You do have the option to purchase a new key FOB at the $10 (each) fee for immediate access). No more than two (2) dogs per person are permitted at one time in the park. Please read your dog park rules and guidelines prior to entering the park.

Please note that there are two (2) sections to the dog park. One section is for large dogs over 30 lbs. One is for small dogs up to 30 lbs. Please use the appropriate entrance for the size of your dog.

Registration can only be done in the Administrative Offices of the Berkeley 2000 Recreation Center.

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