Master Plan – 2032: Growing Needs for a Growing Community


The Martinsburg-Berkeley County Parks and Recreation (MBCPR) Master Plan examines park and recreation needs in the context of Berkeley County’s continuing population growth and the offering of public park facilities located throughout the county and the diversity of recreational program offerings for residents of all ages and abilities. The plan articulates an ambitious yet attainable vision for parks and recreation in the future and outlines a series of goals, objectives, and strategies as a road map to shape the MBCPR over the next 10 years.

In December 2021, the MBCPR Board adopted its inaugural Strategic Business Plan. The plan provides a framework for the Board’s existing and future park facilities and recreational programmatic needs. The Strategic Business Plan was the first phase of the Master Planning process which led to a foundation for the development of this Parks & Recreation Master Plan. While the business plan establishes policies and strategies to strengthen the function and financial systems within the MBCPR’s organization, the master plan will address the specific needs of the community in terms of parks and recreational programming.

The Master Plan provides a clear understanding of MBCPR’s needs based on stakeholder input and provides a foundation for developing the organization’s priorities for the future. Implementing the Master Plan will be highly dependent upon the successful execution of the Strategic Business Plan.

Together, the Strategic Business Plan and Parks & Recreation Master Plan identify near-term priorities that include strategies that strengthen the organization’s financial position to increase its staffing capacity and ensure its existing programs and facilities are delivered and maintained in a high-quality manner. Long-term priorities may seek to increase the organization’s financial means to expand its program offerings and build new and improved facilities to service a growing and diverse population.

Figure 1 illustrates the relationship between the Strategic Business

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