Our schedules run on a session basis. Currently, we are closing up our summer session. Fall session consists of September, October, November, and December. All of our lesson planning and progressions are based off of the athlete being in the ENTIRE session. If you register in the middle of the session (i.e. November) your will have missed the previous 8 weeks of introductory skills and instruction. 

Fall registration opens on August 1st.

Deadline for September classes is August 28th. 

We hold classes in two different wings of the rec center.

Our main wing (big gym) holds all recreation classes ages 6 and up with the exception of Trampoline classes. The entrance is nearest the soccer fields. 

The Marshall Mason Wing (little gym) holds all toddler classes. 

The forms below are the registration form, schedules, and answers to frequently asked questions for our new students. The entrance to this wing is closest to the pool facing the front of the building.

Summer Schedule for Main Wing

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Cheer Summer Schedule

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Fall Main Wing Schedule

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Fall Marshall Mason Wing Schedule

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Fall Home School Schedule

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New Student Flip Over Gymnastics

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