Gymnastic Policies & Procedures

Gymnastics is a sport that could lead to serious injury and possibly death. It is imperative that safety rules are strictly followed and enforced. Failure to do so will lead to permanent dismissal from the gymnastics facility. Please review rules posted in the lobby.


If life punches you in the face and your children contracts one of these “life’s inconveniences” such as: lice, pink eye, the flu, ring worm, poison, strep throat, any other highly contagious illness, they are not permitted in our facility (not even the parent area). They must be undergoing treatment for at least 72 hours before returning. Unfortunately, if some of these things spread in our gym, we would have to close down our gym, and we want to keep our staff and other participants as healthy as we can. We are very lenient on make-up classes, and will definitely do our best to accommodate you during this miserable time!!


As much as we love our Berkeley County School Systems, we do NOT follow their school closings. We beat to our own drum and ring our own bells so please keep a look out on our website, voicemail, facebook, e-mails, and text messages for closings and updates. If we cancel classes/events, we will let you know at least 3 hours ahead of time so you can make arrangements.


 If we happen to have bad weather on the day of your party, our party coordinator will contact you directly. If you decide it is unsafe for you to have your party then we will try our best to reschedule. If we can’t reschedule, then a refund will be issued.


We offer open gym passes or make-up class for ONE missed class per month. If we cancel classes for whatever reason, you will automatically get a make-up or pass and that will not reflect the one per month rule previously mentioned.

Please note: make-up classes must be scheduled within ONE MONTH of missing class. Open gym passes must be issued within one month of missing class and expires 60 days after issue date. YOU must contact the office to schedule/obtain passes and make-ups.

Please take a look at our Parent Handbook for all of our policies and information about our program!

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