Facility Rental Applications

Facility Rental Details

Are you looking for a location to host a private or public event here in the Martinsburg-Berkeley County area?  While our facilities are heavily used year-round for programming and activities we offer through Parks & Recreation, as availability allows, we can accommodate a variety of private and special event rentals both indoor and outdoor throughout our park system.  Please see and use the applicable form below to request rental space.  All rentals are subject to approval by MBCPRB staff.  A rental fee breakdown is available for viewing. You can submit your request via the email provided on the application or by mail/hand-delivery.

Private Facility Rental

These include rentals for events that will be by invitation only and are not open to the public.  For example:  birthday parties, showers, family gatherings, team practices, etc.

Special Event Facility Rentals

These include large community or special events put on by individuals, organizations or businesses such as work functions, sports tournaments, etc.

Gymnastics Parties

The following page will provide you with all the information you need regarding renting out our gymnastics facilities for events and parties.

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