Mountain Bike Trails

Mountain Bike Trails

Poor House Farm Park features 3.5 miles and more of walking/bike trails for those beginner through advanced. Typically it takes 45 minutes for a beginner-intermediate biker to get through the trails. The trails are marked. To see a copy of the trail map that is posted at the park, click HERE.  Another helpful site for riders is available here.

Other helpful trail sites: Search Poor House Farm.

These trails are the home of the Eastern Panhandle Mountain Bike Team.  The team welcomes 6-12th grade student-athletes, parents and enthusiasts from the Eastern Panhandle who would like to be part of the West Virginia Interscholastic Cycling League affiliated with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA).  

The EPMBT had a great 2018 season with tangible improvements made by the kids in skill-building and endurance on the bikes.  Some of the kids’ favorite things about the team are meeting new friends from different schools in the area and across the state.

The co-ed program promotes two tracks for student-athletes: Adventure and Competition – while introducing a life-long sport to students.  Adventure is an integral part of mountain biking. Racing is optional. No prior experience is necessary. 

The team instills the values of building strong minds, bodies, and character using the mountain bike as a conduit.  The program embraces inclusiveness and equality for all regardless of their background and skills.

Those interested can come out with a functioning mountain bike (with gears) and helmet if they would like to ride a little with the team on the try-it out days. Everyone is welcome to see what it is all about! 

Visit their FACEBOOK page for upcoming events like this and more!

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