Rickard Lake at Poor House Farm Park

Rickard Lake at Poor House Farm Park

The 5-acre Rickard Lake sits behind the barn and contains bass, trout, bluegill, catfish and sunfish. Before you head out for a day of fishing, please be sure to read the information below regarding rules and regulations of the Rickard Lake at Poor House Farm Park:

  • A West Virginia fishing license is required.
  • ALL State regulations are in effect.
  • Bass are catch and release (immediately) ONLY.
  • To keep trout, you must have a trout stamp on your license (limit is 6).
  • There is no boating, swimming or wading in the lake at any time.
  • Do not step onto any ice that may form on the lake in the winter. Ice skating is prohibited.

Please note that bodies of water such as this do attract wildlife, such a ducks and geese.

We ask that you please do not feed, tease or bother any of the wildlife you may encounter while visiting Poor House Farm Park.


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