War Memorial Park Association

War Memorial Park Association Mission Statement

From 1947 to 1987, the War Memorial Park Association maintained, operated and actually owned War Memorial Park. In 1988, the park was deeded to the City of Martinsburg and has since been operated and maintained by the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Parks & Recreation Board. The War Memorial Park Association has remained in place to serve as a “friends of the park” organization to specifically raise funds for capital improvement projects at War Memorial Park. These funds compliment funds from Parks and Recreation operating budget as well as grants received through parks & recreation. Many improvements accomplished over the past 28 years are a direct result of funds from the War Memorial Park Association. The M-BC Parks & Recreation department could not have budgeted enough funds without the War Memorial Park Association assistance to make all the improvements that have been made. This park is one of 18 public parks, and it is one of the most heavily used parks in our county.

Each year on Labor Day, the War Memorial Park Association members, volunteers and M-BCP&R staff hold a breakfast in which proceeds from the ticket sales generate thousands of dollars to go towards much needed improvements and projects throughout the park.  War Memorial Park is our second largest park and the most visited; it is vital that funding is available to maintain, update and add to the park.

The War Memorial Park Association is a 501(c)3 organization (#55-6001074)

Make any donation checks payable to: War Memorial Park Association
 273 Woodbury Avenue
Martinsburg, WV 25404
Phone: 304.264-4842
Fax: 304-264-4920

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