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Flip Over Gymnastics offers a variety of recreational gymnastics classes for girls and boys, ages 18 months – adult. We also offer tumbling, trampoline, extreme obstacle, home school classes and more. We have two competitive teams; one that competes Trampoline and Power Tumbling and another that compete in Artistic Gymnastics. We also love to play with the kids in the community during open gym, and birthday parties.

Our program runs all year long. We now have two wings that holds gymnastics activities. We have our Flip Over Gymnastics Wing, and we have our Marshall Mason Gymnastics Obstacle Wing . The entrance to our Obstacle Wing is the entrance all the way to the left on the basketball side of the building. 



We are a USA Gymnastics Club Member
with USA Gymnastics certified staff 

Gymnastics is a sport that could lead to serious injury and possibly death. It is imperative that safety rules are strictly followed and enforced. Failure to do so will lead to permanent dismissal from the gymnastics facility. Please review rules posted in the lobby.

CONTACT US                                                                                                                   Phone: 304-264-4842 Ext 22                                                                                                   E-mail:                                                                                     Facebook:  MBC Parks and Recreation Flip Over Gymnastics

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Gymnastics Coordinator: Cat Sloan                                                                                     Office & Gym Manager: Jenna Moore                                                                             Party Coordinator & Weekend Manager: Lisa Gates

All can be contacted by the information provided above.